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Pieces of Monday

Pieces of Monday

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💙Let the “pieces” fall where they fall and figure out how to make something beautiful out of it.

We all go through these ups and downs in life. Some that shake our souls and change us forever. Others that cause us to become anxious, fearful, frustrated and sad. Why me? And then there are times in our lives that we feel we can fly. Moments of pure joy, of love and laughter that carry us and allow us to breathe it all in. Life is perfect in the right now!

But in both extremes there are lessons to be learnt and emotions to go through. No matter where you are during this particular day or time in your life know that this too shall pass. The good, the bad, the ok...we all keep moving on. Find the beauty in the lesson. 💙

💙Blue Aventurine helps in calming down your mind. It has the power to heal anxiety and stress.

🙏🏻 Howlite: Has a calming effect reminding one to be patient and to enjoy the present moment.

14k 🌹 Rose Gold Filled: is symbolic of spirituality and development. It is also uplifting and is thought to help increase energy in the body.

I’ve had these beads since the start of my BHc adventure. And only last night did I feel the need to create with them. 🤷🏼‍♀️ xx

⭐️ Pieces ($40) made with Howlite and aventurine chips with 14k rose gold filled beads 

⭐️ Blue Monday ($35)

⭐️ 14k Rose Gold Filled 3mm beads ($60)

$135 - selling all 3 for $120